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July 15, 2021
by Jean

Summer Reading Challenge!

This year’s Summer reading Challenge from The Reading Agency is called Wild World Heroes! You can find out more about it here. There are resources to support it available for schools, libraries and for use in the home so everyone can take part wherever they are. Its a really good idea to keep children reading over the summer and this can help enormously.

Summer reading challenge opening screen




January 13, 2014
by Jean
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World Book Night 2014


You might have heard about World Book Night – this takes place each year on the evening of the 23rd April.

The Reading Agency run this event, which is focused around getting adults involved with reading. The aims of World Book Might are:


If you want to take part you can apply to be a World Book Night giver. I was lucky enough to be a giver last year and the year before. I gave out the Icelandic vampire novel ‘Let the right one in’ outside my local independent cinema to encourage people to read the book of the film and I gave out ‘Why be happy when you could be normal’ to a group of students to remind them of the pleasure that can be gained from reading – sometimes easy to forget when we’re reading for assignments.

There’s lots of information about applying to be a World Book Night giver here

The closing date is January 23rd 2014!

If you know of a group of people who you could encourage and motivate to read why not apply – you might want to encourage parents to read as this will influence their children’s attitude to reading. You might want to remind staff of their love of reading – vital when they are supporting children with reading.

On a smaller scale a great idea I recently saw on Twitter is this:


All staff display the cover of the book they are currently reading for their pupils to see. (thanks to @ASTsupportAAli for this idea).