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Introducing yourself


Before you start the FDLT course we’d like you to introduce yourself to the group on this Padlet: Introductions Padlet 

There is no need to have a Padlet account of your own to post onto the Padlet. All you need to do is click on the link above to open the Padlet and click on the plus sign in the bottom right hand corner to open a box to type into.

You will be asked for a password and this was emailed to you earlier today.

You should also upload a photo by clicking on the upload arrow at the bottom left below the text box. 

Add some text to tell us which venue you are studying at, what your role is and anything else you’d like us know. If you use another version of your name (eg Jo instead of Joanna) add this too.

Here is an example:

Hello, I’m Jennifer and people call me Jenny. I work as a TA in a school in Leicester and I’m attending the Leicester group. I’ve been a TA for five years now and I mainly support in Key Stage 1. I work in the classroom and support some specific groups with interventions in phonics, mathematics and social skills. Outside my job I like running and yoga. In the long term I would like to be a teacher or SENDCo. I’m looking forward to starting the course and a bit apprehensive about it too. 

If you want to comment or ask a question you can do this below the posts.

Please make sure that you have done this by Thursday September 7th.

If you need any help with this you can email jean.edwards@northampton.ac.uk 

Author: Jean

Senior Lecturer, Education at the University of Northampton. Admissions Tutor for the Foundation Degree Learning and Teaching.

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