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Questions about your first day?


Some reminders about the first day on the FDLT course.

Where should I come to on the first day?

The first day of the FDLT  Y1 course is in week beginning September 11th:

Tuesday September 12th: UON group at Waterside Campus, Northampton.

You will be told which room to look for at enrolment and induction on Saturday 9th September. 

What will happen on the first day?

On your first day you will meet one of the FDLT tutors, Jean Edwards. You will have met me on Saturday. I will guide you through the day which comprises of two sessions, the morning session from 9am until midday and the afternoon session from 1pm until 4pm. 

What should I bring?

You must bring your university ID badge and lanyard that will have been given to at enrolment on Saturday 9th September – this will allow you to access the rooms you need to find. You should also bring a pen, something to make notes in, your laptop and the reading and other paperwork that we gave you at the induction on Saturday 9th September. 

You might like to bring a drink and snacks although there are a wide range of refreshments available to buy at Waterside if you prefer.

What if I have any worries or questions?

It is natural to feel nervous when you are embarking on a new part of your life. Starting at university is a big step but you have all applied for and been offered a place on the course because it is the appropriate next step for you right now. There will be lots of people supporting you at home and at school and you will find that there are lots of people here at university to help you too, both as part of the course and in the wider organisation. You will have met some of the tutors and the other students in your group and you can remind yourself about us by reading the information on this Padlet:

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If you have any immediate concerns or questions ask us at enrolment and / or email the Admissions Tutor, Jean Edwards, jean.edwards@northampton.ac.uk or the course leader, Abbie Deeming, abbie.deeming@northampton.ac.uk

You can also post questions on this Padlet and read the ones other students have posted:

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We are looking forward to meeting you and working with you on the FDLT course. 

Author: Jean

Senior Lecturer, Education at the University of Northampton. Admissions Tutor for the Foundation Degree Learning and Teaching.

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