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at Leicester and UN

August 29, 2023
by Jean
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About your school

When you begin to take part in discussion about your setting and begin to write assignments you will need some basic information about your school to provide contextual background. It would be useful if you could collect this information and … Continue reading

July 17, 2023
by Jean

FDLT on social media

You might wish to follow and interact with your course tutors and fellow students on social media channels: Twitter: @fdltuon Instagram: @fdltuon Pinterest: FD L and T YouTube: FD L and T Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/fdltbaltuon/ 

November 29, 2022
by Jean
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A visit to VR Therapies

Today the FDLT Year 1 students visited a local social enterprise, VR Therapies, in St Giles Street, Northampton.  “Our magical multisensory centre features an activity room, wheelchair-accessible VR driving simulators, an interactive sensory room, and even the world-first combination of … Continue reading