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August 29, 2014
by Jean

The Educators – John Hattie

On Wednesday 20th August in the radio 4 programme ‘The Educators Sarah Montague interviewed John Hattie.

You can look the programme up on i-player and I will add it to Box of Broadcasts.

John HattieYou can read a commentary and discussion about the broadcast and about the ideas of John Hattie on David Didau’s blog ‘Learning Spy‘.

This is a link to the post ‘What does John Hattie think about education?

There is some interesting discussion of this in the comments section below the post. For students it is interesting to read this discussion and consider the views put forward. It is important to remember that we should read the primary source to really understand the views and research. There is a lot of this available on the Visible Learning website.

What do you think about what you heard in the programme? Post your comments below.

The programme is supported by this link to the Open University website – OU The Educators