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Each year when we attend graduation we are reminded of the extraordinary achievements of our students on FDLT and BALT!

This morning Julie Jones, Alison Flint, Wendy  Yarnall and I were privileged to see our FDLT students 2011-13 and our BALT students 2010-13 graduate at the Derngate in Northampton. As academics we look on from the stage as our cohorts of students take the stage one by one to be congratulated by the Chancellor of the University of Northampton and receive their degree certificates.


When we see our students for each one we can recall their interview and their progress through the first tentative steps when writing a 1000 word essay seemed like such a huge challenge and it seemed like such a juggling act to manage family, work in school and university assignments. We’ve seen such development and change in them so its great to see them at this formal recognition of all their work. Today it seemed like our students got so many cheers and whoops from family and friends as they crossed the stage – their families have been such support to them all the way through. We were especially proud that one of our students gave the vote of thanks!

After the ceremony we were so pleased to see happy graduates, meet families and catch up with what they are doing now.


We, the staff of the FDLT and BALT, wish our graduates every success with their future plans.



Author: Jean

Senior Lecturer, Education at the University of Northampton. Admissions Tutor for the Foundation Degree Learning and Teaching.


  1. I watched it via the live link – it was fabulous to see my friends Tania, Amanda, Charlotte and the rest of their class graduate.

  2. This time next year, Lorraine, it will be you!

  3. Thank you to all the FDLT tutors who gave me faith that I could gain my degree, your patient dedication and friendship allowed me to confidently grow as an academic and as a person. I learned to apply myself in so many different situations, some more comfortable than others I will admit.
    I have been apply to use the knowledge in my new role as a Learning Mentor a job I couldn’t have applied for before the FDLT.
    Congratulations to you all too for the fantastic pass rate and wish you success with the BALT students of 2014.
    Sorry I didn’t get to say hello but it was all a bit hectic with the family x

  4. Well done to everyone!
    It was lovely to see you and your families celebrate your success – the outcome of so much hard work and multi-tasking.

  5. It was also good to hear BALT student Rachel Connors give the vote of thanks on behalf of students. Well done to Rachel, who applied and was interviewed for her role on Sunday. She said she was nervous but she gave an impressive speech. All those FDLT and BALT presentations must have helped!

    Rachel is one of a number of students who have studied FDLT and BALT from St Andrews CEVA Primary, Northampton, including Val Griffiths who is now Assistant Headteacher at All Saints CEVA Primary School & Nursery, Wellingborough.

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