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Educating Northants!


At the end of March the 2021 Educating Northants conference takes place. Those of you who attended last time will remember what a vibrant and inspiring event this was and Saturday March 27th 2021 promises to be just as exciting!

Educating Northants abut text and image(Educating Northants, 2021, lines 2-15)

Here’s what to expect in this year’s conference:

“A CPD feast of live chats and pre-recorded two-minute tips, seven-minute shares and ten-minute talks from those connected to and within education in Northamptonshire. Everyone is welcome to be part of the conversation during the conference and watch, learn from and share the grassroots content from our county.” (Educating Northants, 2021, lines 3 – 7). 

You can find out more about the programme for the day here, and the speakers when you register here.

Education Northants 2021 is a great opportunity to come together and celebrate education and since it is online this year those of you at a distance to Northants can join in too. Look out for some input from people you from the University of Northampton and some great sessions from people working in Northamptonshire.


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