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July 25, 2013
by Jean

If your baby is born in July…

The recent royal birth has has prompted discussion of how summer born children are affected when they go to school.

A report from the Institute for Fiscal Studies (2007) explored the impact of birth date upon cognitive test schools. You can read their report here – IFS Report on impact of date of birth

In 2009 Cambridge Assessment undertook a review of the literature about this issue. You can read it here – Literature Review

When you are researching to find literature if you find an article or report that reviews the literature this can give you a useful overview of the area you are investigating. In addition you can use the reference lists in these publications to identify other literature to seek out.

Have you noticed anything significant about when children are born in your own professional role (or in your family)?

July 25, 2013
by Jean

Preparing your work space!

Before the university term begins you should invest some time in getting your space ready.

Have a look at this activity that explores a workspace and use it to make some decisions about your own work space.

getting your work space ready

Think about setting up a paper folder for each module, as well as folders on your laptop. You will need five:

PDT 1004 – professional studies

PDT 1005 – SEN, equality and diversity

PDT 1050 – work-based practice

PDT 1063 – subject based studies – English and mathematics

PDT 1064 – enriching the curriculum – within the school