Editorial: Winter 2022-23

Welcome to the Autumn 2022 Edition of the So-Psyched! newsletter. The Psychology and Sociology team have been delighted to welcome new cohor [...]

Introducing Sociology (and the now SO-PSYCHED! Newsletter)

To start with, the Sociology Team thanks Psychology for such a warm welcome to the new Psychology and Sociology Subject Group. In the past, [...]

Thank you to Chris Roe

After 5 successful years, our Centre for Psychology & Social Sciences (CPSS) would like to say a big thank you to Prof Chris Roe who has [...]

Louise Spiers was awarded her PhD!

Dr Louise Spiers, a member of the EECS Research Group, was recently awarded her PhD in Psychology. Louise’s thesis examines spiritual [...]

‘Who am I to be teaching at a university?’

Tia Rodrigues has just graduated from MSc Counselling at UON. This year, Tia began teaching some of the third year ‘Counselling in Tex [...]

Volunteering in Ghana

One of our 3rd year students, Lara Asabi from BSc (Hons) Psychology (Developmental and Educational) who has just graduated this summer, rece [...]

Supporting autistic people and their families

Dr Lauren McAllister, the Programme Lead for MSc CAMH at UON, is also a Trustee for a local autism charity, En-Fold. En-Fold support autisti [...]

Liz Gulliford at Association for Moral Education (AME) Conference in Manchester

Dr Liz Gulliford, Associate Professor in Psychology, chaired a symposium on ‘The Pedagogical Potential of Exemplar Narratives for Moral Ed [...]

Exceptional Experience and Consciousness Research Group update

On 13th and 14th May 2022, members of the Exceptional Experience and Consciousness  (EECS) Research Group attended the 6th Internationa [...]

Children’s right of self-determination & teachers’ representation of migrant children in the classroom

Prof Federico Farini, Sociology, has had two articles published with Dr Angela Scollan from Middlesex University. The first article presents [...]

Aspirations vs Reality: What Adulting Tells us About the Politics of Linearity

In April, Isaac Hoff, Associate Lecturer in Sociology, published ‘Aspirations vs Reality – What Adulting Tells us About the Poli [...]

Social Psychology conference

In her role on the Social Psychology Section Committee of the British Psychological Society, Dr Kimberley Hill helped to run their Annual Co [...]

Connecting through Dance: New Paper

Dr Kimberley Hill has just published a paper with international collaborators in the journal Qualitative Health Research. This research focu [...]

Transitional Politics from Fatsa to Dersim: Past and Present Socialist Governance in Turkey

In July, Onur Acaroglu participated in the panel ‘Utopia and Anti-Utopia: Political and Theoretical Forms’ at the 22nd Utopian Studies S [...]

Safe Teaching Spaces and Sensitive Topics – MSc CAMH Team Finalise their Research

Lauren Young, Lauren McAllister and Luke Ward from the MSc Child and Adolescent Mental Health team are finalising the findings of their fund [...]

UON Psychology Conference blows expectations out of the water

On the 4th of May, the University of Northampton held its Psychology Research Conference where both students and academics at the university [...]

Reading for Wellbeing

Hayley Barton recently secured community funding from Persimmon Community Champion Fund in order to secure a base for a new intergenerationa [...]

Dr Rachel Maunder and Dr Kimberley Hill win Diamond Awards

Associate Professor Rachel Maunder won the 2022 Diamond Award for Excellence in Research Mentorship. Her nominations highlighted how Rachel [...]

Carey Allen Awarded Scholarship

Carey Allen, Psychology lecturer, has recently been awarded the Mike Daniels Scholarship, and also the TD Lewis Scholarship. Carey is undert [...]

Getting trainee teachers up to speed: Relationships Ed in primary schools

Rachel Maunder has won funding to support her work on a collaborative project between the University of Greenwich and the University of Nort [...]

John L. Randall Memorial Award

The Award is given for the highest grade achieved in the ‘Parapsychology & Anomalous Experiences’ module, and this year we are happy [...]

BPS Undergraduate Award

This is awarded to our final-year Psychology students who achieved the highest overall score in an accredited BSc Psychology programme(s) fo [...]

Kevin Buchanan Award

This award is given to students who have shown great resilience and high achievements, succeeding in both their studies and related activiti [...]

Graham Mitchell Award

This is awarded to final year Psychology students who have gone above and beyond their degree, enthusing others about Psychology, widening P [...]

Remembering James Dunn-Beeching

In memory of James Dunn-Beeching, one of our super stellar Level 5 Psychology (Counselling) students at the University of Northampton. Follo [...]

Remembering Dr Sebastian Bartos

In January this year we received the sad news that our former colleague, Dr Sebastian Bartos, had died suddenly. Sebastian joined the Univer [...]

My success story: a personal account

With the right support, a lot of work, and the power of motivation, I landed my dream job and progressed to studying Educational Psychology [...]

Walking the walk

Dr Kimberley Hill has been working with lecturer, Declan Ryan, Northamptonshire Sport, Northampton Walks and Delapre Abbey on a research pro [...]

STEM4Me is Back! Inspiring Primary School Children’s STEM Learning!

Want to be a young child’s role model, share your love of psychology and get trained and paid for it? With STEM4Me project, students in ps [...]

Adult recollections of bullying

Associate Professor in Psychology, Rachel Maunder, presented her work on adult recollections of bullying at the recent British Psychology So [...]
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