Student Achievements

Kevin Buchanan Award

This award is given to students who have shown great resilience and high achievements, succeeding in both their studies and related activities, despite overcoming personal difficulties or facing other boundaries during this time.

This year, the award goes to Jasmin Perryer Barnes who has overcome a lot of mental and physical challenges during the difficult times at University of Northampton.

Jasmin has shown great strength and resilience throughout her studies despite her concurrent medical condition and her long path of recovery. Nevertheless, Jasmin pushed to continue her degree, her experience has inspired her to be even more proactive in helping others who were also suffering from similar trauma and disorders.

Jasmin has excelled among others in her final year, always going beyond the expectation of herself and her tutors. She has shown great resilience and dedication to pursue her study in her degree, and is fully deserving to be recognised for this award.

Jasmin Perryer Barnes

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