Staff Achievements

Dr Rachel Maunder and Dr Kimberley Hill win Diamond Awards

Associate Professor Rachel Maunder won the 2022 Diamond Award for Excellence in Research Mentorship. Her nominations highlighted how Rachel is “Unassuming and steadfast with her support. She is generous with us and extremely good at getting the best out of people, staff and research students alike.”

Associate Professor Kimberley Hill won the 2022 Diamond Research Impact Award. Her nominations highlighted how Kimberley’s research has key policy impact and addresses public health concerns in the UK and beyond. Her research expertise and findings continue to provide world-leading insights for addressing contextual health risk determinants within the areas of health risk prevention and health promotion.

Staff ad the 2022 Diamond Awards

From left to right: Dr Cal Cooper, Dr Liz Gulliford, Dr Charlotte Dann, Ass Prof Kimberley Sheffield, Ass Prof Rachel Maunder, Dr Josephine Chen-Wilson

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