In Memoriam

Remembering James Dunn-Beeching

In memory of James Dunn-Beeching, one of our super stellar Level 5 Psychology (Counselling) students at the University of Northampton.

Following the sad news we received about dear James’s passing, Team Psychology wanted to share a few words about James and the time in which we knew and admired him. From James’s first few days on campus, it was clear he was a bright star amongst his peers. As one of those immediately likeable people, others quickly gravitated towards him. He was very well known for his dry sense of humour and witty remarks. Always making others around him smile and laugh with those comical and often sarcastic one-liners, James would soon become well-known amongst the staff and student body. James enjoyed extracurriculars, joining clubs and societies at UON (such as the UON Lacrosse Society) and was a regular at UON socials, making the most of his university experience. Reports from James’s family will testify that his first year was amongst one of the best years of his life, a true testament not only to James but those who helped enrich his experience at UON. To witness James’s personal growth in such a short space of time was a pleasure; we’d often joke about how skilled he became at doing his own laundry.

It was clear that James had a passion for Psychology and Counselling, as reflected by his academic work and conversations during personal tutor sessions. Never one to shy away from conversations in and out of class, it was evident that James could understand how Psychology was useful not only in his own life, but to understand and support others. His career ambitions were to inflict positive change and it seems that he did just that.

We are grateful for James’s impact and the mark left on Team Psychology and it is with heavy heart that we write this as his presence will be sorely missed across the staff and student body.
Rest in peace James.

By Dr Karishma Jivraj


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