STEM4Me is Back! Inspiring Primary School Children’s STEM Learning!

Want to be a young child’s role model, share your love of psychology and get trained and paid for it? With STEM4Me project, students in psychology at Northampton can do all of these! 

The STEM4Me project has come back bigger and better this academic year. The project team led by Dr Josephine Chen-Wilson has successfully obtained more funding to continue the good work interrupted by the pandemic. Students in Psychology will be selected as STEM Buddies to work at local primary schools in early 2022. The STEM workshops and activities designed by the STEM buddies aim to increase primary school children’s STEM aspirations, especially those with limited access to resources.

Here is what our previous STEM buddy said about the project: 

“I loved this project and felt the meaning of the project on a personal level. For example, I didn’t know what Psychology (my degree) was until I was 17 ….  From then to now, I have realised there is many misconceptions around Psychology, …. Which is why this project is so great as we are targeting children and young people to give them the correct information. (Anonymous, Final year Psychology student)”

Where else can Psychology students get a chance to make a difference in others’ lives and improve their employability skills? STEM4Me will be recruiting psychology students at UON in October 2021! 

A STEM buddy working with children in a STEM workshop titled 'Explosive emotions' (March 2020

A STEM buddy working with children in a STEM workshop titled ‘Explosive emotions’ (March 2020

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