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Liz Gulliford at Association for Moral Education (AME) Conference in Manchester

Dr Liz GullifordDr Liz Gulliford, Associate Professor in Psychology, chaired a symposium on ‘The Pedagogical Potential of Exemplar Narratives for Moral Education’ at the 48th Conference of the AME held at Manchester Metropolitan University on 20-23 July 2022. Liz chaired papers given by Dr Ed Brooks (University of Oxford) on ‘Biographical Narratives and Moral Education’ and Dr Oliver Coates (University of Cambridge) on ‘Rhetoric, Moral Exemplars and the Persuasiveness of Stories’, in addition to presenting her own paper ‘The Message, the Medium and the Moral Mind’s Eye’, examining psychological factors that make some exemplar narratives more (or less) persuasive than others.

Attendance at the symposium was made possible by the John Templeton Foundation Grant ‘The Role of Exemplar Narratives in Cultivating Character’ which Liz was awarded in 2019, and upon which Ed and Oliver worked part-time with Liz at UON until the end of August 2022. The symposium was a fantastic opportunity to share project findings at a large, international meeting.

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