Exceptional Experience and Consciousness Research Group update

On 13th and 14th May 2022, members of the Exceptional Experience and Consciousness  (EECS) Research Group attended the 6th International Expert Meeting in Clinical Approaches to Exceptional Experiences at the BPS offices in London. The meeting was a joint event between the Universite Lorraine, France and the BPS Psychotherapy Section.

Liz Gulliford, Chris Roe, Rachel Evenden, Louise Spiers and visiting scholar, Renaud Evrard joined participants from across Europe and the USA to discuss a range of research and clinical case studies in clinical parapsychology, all focused on paying attention to the clinical importance of exceptional experience for therapeutic clients.

Chris Roe discussed the relationship between mediumistic phenomena and mental health, and Louise Spiers presented examples of two mediums and their exceptional experiences from her PhD research.

EECS researchers and guest Renaud Evrard

EECS Researchers Dr Liz Gulliford, EECS guest Renaud Evrard, Prof Chris Roe and Dr Louise Spiers (front)

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