Bridgewater Responding to Art

In Year 5, we have been looking at how we can respond to Art. We all appreciate that we have different emotions towards art, sometimes we can really like something but our friend might feel differently. We worked in small groups and were given different pictures to look at. We had to discuss with our friends what emotional responses we had to the picture and agree on a set of 3 emotions as a team. We then used these emotions and drew our own artwork which showed the feelings. We found our work was very abstract but that it had a particular meaning to ourselves (the artists!)The following week, we revisited our 3 words and artwork, and decided to evoke another one of our senses…sound! We created a soundscape for each of the paintings. We worked together as a team and composed our own musical score. This was the first time we have ever though about Art in this way and it has really made us think about how we respond to Art using our senses.

We hope you like what we created. We look forward to building on our skills in the future.

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