Henry VIII goes greenscreen

My name is Tomos Prosser, I’m an NQT at Simon de Senlis Primary School, in year 5. Here is a link to our class blog.

As explained in the second half of the video, this activity uses and enhances many different skills. It took us literally ten takes to create the video. Due to the fact I couldn’t see the green screen (obviously), it made it rather challenging. We ended up with my phone projecting the image of the greenscreen from behind the filmer (complicated). This problem solving activity was difficult even for us.

The actual activity here is very simple, just describing who is in the photo. This could be a much more complex task. You could do it with any different piece of art, a family portrait (like this), a historical building, or even a personal family photo. By liaising with peers, the children have a great experience and learn many skills.

You may be thinking, why not just have a picture of Henry VIII behind me? Well, the learning this way is a lot richer, it becomes much more fun than pointing at a dodgy printed image. The group must really focus on perfecting everything. Once you have worked out where bits are in the image, where you’re going to sit, who’s going to talk etc.. You then have the (not so easy) task of creating a perfect script for the video, which must engage the audience and be rich in information for peers to learn from. And then, where do you hold the script? Do you memorise the script? If you do, that’s great learning!

Thanks for reading/watching/your time 🙂

Tomos Prosser


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