Digital art outdoors

Spice up a learning outside the classroom experience with a digital treasure hunt. Set a series of artistic clues and ask the children to go on a photographic journey to explore their environment.

Artistic things to look for: Finding a tonal scale of different clouds: brown, green, yellow.. Discuss the darkest and lightest colours- Dark colours are shades of a colour, light ones are tones. Collect your objects en-route and turn them into natural sculptures.

Give each child an unusual word to explore texture: Spiky, Wrinkled, Coarse: collect 5 photographs to represent your word.

Use pic collage to document your journey, swap iPads and ask the children to articulate the other persons story, use their imaginations to re-tell the story from a particular characters point of view.

Extend the concept in to film productions using i-movie to capture your outdoor experience.