Abstract Expressionism

Inspiring idea: Action paintings: Digital v’s Traditional

Artist inspiration: The Abstract Expressionists: Jackson Pollock, Mark Rothko, Barnett Newman

Gallery links: MoMa New York

Guggenheim New York

Activity: Explore the notion of action painting with your class looking at the work of the abstract expressionists: blow, drip, flick, roll and dance with your paint across large and small papers, boards and canvases. Build up multiple layers, explore the relationship between the world of colour and emotion and experience the practices of the great abstract expressionist painters.

Then explore this in a digital sense, use a range of paint applications- sketchbook pro, art rage, brushes- what digital abstract works can you create? Explore the best iPad apps.

Key Questions: Which experience was the most rewarding? Why? Why do you think there are a lot of artists now using digital media? What have you learnt about the abstract expressionists? How does colour link to emotion? What is the value of using different painting effects? Why did the abstract expressionists create art in this way?