Drawing with sound

A collection of simple apps suitable for Key Stage 1 which enable children to make musical drawings.

Fingerpaint with Sounds is a free app from HelpKidzLearn that is designed to help young children practice interacting with a touch screen and explore colour, sounds and music without the mess.  You can draw with music or with sound effects. Great fun!

Minimops is a website with five interactives for young children including a band you can ‘play’ and a ‘rainbow’ notepage where you can scribble with sounds. The ability to record and share is a great feature and all the activities work well on the interactive whiteboard.

Glow Tunes (69p) and Glow Tunes Christmas (free) give you a palette of lights and a selection of instruments for drawing using light pixels. You then press play to watch your drawing come to life.

Falling Stars is a simple and appealing generative music app in which you choose from seven vines to draw across the screen and then release stars to interact with them as they fall from the night sky. As the stars bounce on the different tones they build up to produce complex rhythms.


Singing Fingers app lets you fingerpaint with sounds on an iPad.


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