Music as a stimulus

Inspiring Idea: A journey into space…

Use music as a stimulus for your art work to create an imaginative response to a sensory experience. Select music linked to a topic being studied or your pupils own popular culture and let their imaginations run while drawing in response to the sounds. Experiment with a range of drawing media and go on a journey exploring the materials creative possibilities.

Key Questions: What did you hear? How have you represented this? Why did you represent it in this way? Do the colours, shapes, lines have meaning? How did the experience make you feel? What have you learnt about the materials you are using to draw with? What happened when the music changed tempo? What journey did the music take you on?

Artist Reference: Gustav Holst (Planets music)

Activities: Create your own artistic response but then swap drawings compose and play music in response to another child’s drawing. Use audacity/ garageband to record and layer your music. Create your own class soundscapes in response to the work of another artist.


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