Introduction to Blogging: a screencast on how to get started with Edublogs, choose a theme and write your first post.

Adding media to your blog: a screencast on how to add video to your blog and how to embed interactive media.

How to customise your sidebar. a screencast on how to activate plugins and add widgets, a blogroll, tags and categories.

How to join a class blog

How to use GreenScreen Movie FX on iPad

How to make green screen photos with

How to use QR codes

How to embed YouTube videos without related sites

How to turn yourself into a Scratch Sprite

How to add your Kodu game to your blog

How to add your Scratch project to your blog

How to add a Resources Page to your blog

How to upload your animation to your blog

How to add resources to a class blog.

How to add your 2DIY activity to your blog

How to upload a video to your blog

How to customise your sidebar

To add tags and categories to your blog

To add a word cloud to your blog

To add a visitor map to your blog

How to add to the resource bank

How-to-embed-items in your blog

The Edublogs User Guide also has many step by step instructions with screenshots.




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  2. Hi Helen
    I’ve worked out a solution to my problem of ‘joining up’ different sprites movements without having to give separate instructions, e.g. “press space bar after …” etc. What I’ve done is add in some ‘wait x nr of seconds’ blocks for my second and third sprite, having timed each sprite’s movements with a stopwatch. This means they now seamlessly follow one after the other once the green button is pressed. So, I’ve now incorporated some cross-curricular mathematics too! This Scratch sotware really does encourage thinking skills, doesn’t it?

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  15. Hi Helen

    We have been playing with and have been struggling to find an embed code or a way of exporting the infographic as a picture – can you help?


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