Monthly Archives for September 2012

A history of the geeks and the land they lived in

When a colleague asked if anyone had any stories of the development of computers in the 50’s and 60’s I had to own up to a family secret; my dad was one of the first geeks.  He was invited to the first meeting of the British Computing Society in 1959 and, until his death in […]

Plan-Write-Publish digitally

I’d like to think about how the process of creating digital products such as e-stories, slideshows, presentations and multimedia posters compares to the writing process, and how we can combine tools and software to make this engaging and meaningful for children. The skill of capturing thoughts on paper is something that children need to practise […]

Reframing and rebooting the ICT curriculum

This year has seen a real shake up in ICT teaching. In January, at the BETT education show, we heard Michael Gove state that children are ‘bored out of their minds’ by a ‘demotivating’ and ‘dull’ ICT curriculum. He may have been focusing on secondary students, but the Primary curriculum has also hardly changed since […]