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Integrated Learner Support

Integrated Learner Support delivers a ‘super supportive’ student experience by ensuring that all our taught students are aware of, and able to access the full range of support services that the University provides. The Integrated Learner Support Policy is also available under Policies and Procedures.

The Integrated Learner Support (ILS) model

This comprises of 4 main elements:

  • Centralised professional support from a Student Support and Advice Team accessed through the Student Information Desk (SID) based on the ground floor of the Learning Hub at Waterside.
  • Centralised professional support from our specialist support teams e.g. ASSIST, financial guidance, counselling, Residential Life etc. Also accessed via SID.
  • Programme focussed support from professional services teams (LLS and Changemaker teams) providing academic, employability and digital skills sessions to all students.
  • Academic support through the programme from the Personal Academic Tutor, Module Team and Programme Leader.
Accessible version of the The Integrated Learner Support Model
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Proactive Personal Academic Tutoring

The integrated approach to ILS is a proactive approach to learner support through the establishment of Personal Academic Tutor groups, a strong Welcome and Induction entitlement designed to build cohesion among the learners and build a sense of academic belonging, and the deliberate and embedded use of group tutorials with regular meetings over the course of the year. To undertake staff development regarding Personal Academic Tutors please visit the Workshops pages.

Personal Academic Tutoring and the start of your course

As part of delivering Integrated Learner Support, all students will normally receive a core entitlement comprising:

  • a welcome to UON/induction and expectations session led by the Personal Academic Tutor,
  • a subject orientation led by members of the Programme Leader,
  • a team-building / getting to know you session led by the Personal Academic Tutor,
  • a short 1:1 individual session with the Personal Academic Tutor.

Programme-focussed, embedded academic, digital and employability skills support

The Integrated Learner Support model provides for embedded academic skills across each level. These sessions are delivered by our Learning Development, Academic Librarian and Changemaker Hub Teams. Each of these will be delivered over the course of the year in a timely and focussed manner by being embedded within appropriate modules in negotiation with Faculty colleagues to ensure that what is delivered is academically appropriate, tailored to the needs of your students and the programme. See which Learning Development Tutor liaises with your programme here, other colleagues will be in touch with you to arrange these sessions, or you can proactively email