What We Do

Quality Teaching | Meaningful Learning

About Us

Welcome to Learning and Teaching Enhancement.

Mission Statement

Learning and Teaching Enhancement provides staff and student-centred support, advice and guidance to enable quality teaching and meaningful learning.

We work in a highly collaborative and research-informed way, and we value effective communication and staff development.

Values and Objectives

The University of Northampton Values

Delivering – a student experience of the highest quality.

Entrepreneurial – the commitment to innovation, value for money and financial sustainability.

Valuing – opportunity, diversity, a global perspective, inclusion and equality for all.

Enabling – a culture of empowerment, responsibility, tolerance and excellence.

Leading – enhancing the economic, social, cultural and creative life of those we work with across the world.

Openness – transparency, adaptability, resilience, celebration of success.

Performance – through continuous staff development and investment.



  • Lead or contribute to institution wide initiatives in relation to enhancing learning and teaching.
  • Provide a Learning Development service to all students and staff.
  • Support evidence-based approaches to learning and teaching enhancement through research and scholarship.
  • Recognise and reward those who demonstrate excellence in learning and teaching and in supporting learning.
  • Create a Language Centre to support English language for academic purposes.
  • Provide an academic CPD framework for all staff – C@N-DO.
  • Support staff and students in relation to academic integrity.
  • Facilitate learning design approaches to create excellent learning opportunities.

Awards, Grants and Fellowships

The Learning and Teaching Enhancement team recognises excellence in several ways:

  • Associate Professor Programme.
  • Innovation Fund.
  • Advance HE Fellowships – Associate, Fellow, Senior and Principal Fellows.
  • National Teaching Fellowships and CATE Programmes.
  • UON Annual Learning and Teaching Conference.
  • Publications.