Welcome to COGS – Changemaker Outcomes for Graduate Success learning outcomes toolkit.

COGS (Changemaker Outcomes for Graduate Success) is a toolkit to help staff write programme and module learning outcomes (LOs) that are appropriate to the academic level of study and clarify for students what is expected of them across the different stages of their study. It is not a prescriptive list of learning outcomes, but rather a toolkit that provides a starting point for discussion.  There is neither an expectation nor a requirement to use everything listed.

The toolkit is divided into two parts. The first part offers suggestions for the writing of Subject Specific Knowledge, Understanding and Skills LOs.  These provide a starting point in terms of focus of the LO and appropriate language for the level of study: the suggested wording should be tailored according to the specific context of the module/programme.

The second part emerged from the 2017 ChANGE project (Changemaker Attributes at Northampton for Graduate Employability) which produced a framework to embed relevant skills, attributes and behaviours into our curricula, through the writing of Employability and Changemaker learning outcomes. These outcomes are generic in nature and should articulate employability skills which are relevant to the subject but transferable to other disciplines/professions.

Both parts align with the eight UNESCO key competencies for sustainability, and a summary of the mapping. Please follow the link for further information from Advance HE and the QAA about Education for Sustainable Development (ESD) and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). ESD will also be reflected in the QAA Subject Benchmark Statements as they are updated.

Please access COGS and the ESD mapping document from the Downloads link on this page.