World Book Day

by Kathryn Hamilton


Using one book – The matchbox diary, the whole school is brought together to experience and explore world book day.

The day started with a whole school assembly where the head & a pupil did some drama to set the scene of the book. Each class was then handed a matchbox containing an item from the book and then we went back to our classrooms to discuss.

We read the book and had some music to add drama to our section of the book – relating to the St. Christopher’s medal.   We discussed the significance of this with the class. They then designed and made their own medal about themselves. They wrote about a special item they had brought into school that they would put inside a matchbox as part of their own diary. In the afternoon the designed and made 3 different matchboxes for their personal items. We then joined back with the rest of the school to share all our work and what we had found out that day.

Impact on learners: Every child was totally engaged during the day. It was fun, whilst they were learning. There was literacy, drama, art all within the day.

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