From John Hellins School:

I just wanted to send a big big thank you to you and your team for organising the best trip we have ever been on. It was utterly fantastic.

The activities were brilliant and suited their abilities but gave them the opportunity to explore new and exciting technology. It is very rare that the children all have different activities which were their favourite but I had so many buzzing when talking to their parents as they left school. If you ever do anything like that again I would definitely recommend it. The children took away so much from it and the digital leaders were very supportive. They talked to the children at their level but explained everything in lots of detail.

Please tell Emma that the afternoon was equally as brilliant. It was great to have a mix of technology and outdoors. The children love nature and had a great time exploring materials to use for making houses and other structures. The students working with the children were also very friendly and extended their learning through their questioning.

Overall, the day was fantastic and I look forward to seeing the videos from it. I will send you some of the photos taken from throughout the day.

Hayley Pyrah

From Stacey Ramm, Duston Eldean School:

Hi Helen,

Thank you for the play date last week- it was a great format to be a part of! I’ve had so many retweets from the green screening image I’ve put on using the robots, looks like people liked the idea! I think I need to invest in Dot and Dash!
We have recently bought a set of Makey Makey kits, and I’m wanting to engage staff members in using them to explore computational thinking. I remember you had a day with NPAT schools where Chn tinkered and problem solved using them. I was wondering if you had an outline of the day that I could adapt for my school. I want all year groups to have an experience with the kits and this would be a great framework to use.
Many thanks
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From Rowan Gate:

Hello Helen,
Thank you for coming. It was very beneficial for our children to have an opportunity to work with the students and to produce some meaningful work.
A slideshow is working, I am going to share it with the children tomorrow.
Best regards,