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CyGen Conference: Digital Lives: Little kids-Great dreams

On March 20th 2019, the Greek CyGen team organized its Conference (Multiplier Event) in Kalamata, at the Amphitheatre of the Central Labour Hall of the town. The title of the ME event was: ‘Little kids-Great dreams’. The agenda for the conference can be downloaded here.

Many teachers, parents, pupils from the 2nd Primary school, along with stakeholders from other schools nearby, attended the event. Also, there was a representative from the Police Department who analysed the very basics of Online Safety. Moreover, the event was introduced by the Prefect of Adolescents’ Prosecution who presentation was on ‘Addicted Behaviour on Net gaming’. In addition, an ICT teacher (ex-Councilor) on Computers gave a speech on the subject ‘Festival on Digital creations’. Finally, our ICT teacher and CyGen member, presented an update on the CyGen project (Actions and Results), referring to the ongoing project, especially on the Greek Design Cycle of the Greek 10-year-olds pupils of the Primary school.

At the end of the event all the donators of our school were honoured for their support. The CyGen Conference was accompanied by music, songs and relaxed children’s voices who embraced the atmosphere, characterising the whole process a mere success.