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Institutional overview: VIA


As Denmark's largest university of applied sciences, VIA University College ( develops and offers a variety of accredited programmes within business and social studies programmes. With more than 18,000 students, we offer programmes within four professional fields, organized in four schools or faculties:

  • VIA, Education and Social Studies
  • VIA, Health
  • VIA, Business
  • VIA, Continuing Education

VIA develops educational programs in close cooperation with employers – companies, municipalities, regional, national and international institutions. Its strength is combining state-of-the-art research and learning environments with an understanding of practice-related challenges and opportunities. 20 research centers at VIA University College underpin the ambition to be a research based institution.

VIA holds an Erasmus Charter, and is currently participating in 10 EU-funded projects (Erasmus, Comenius, Leonardo, AAL and Interreg-KASK). VIA is the coordinator of four projects. The Research Centre for Culture and Pedagogy coordinates and promotes research on children, youth, education and learning. The centre holds expertise in children’s and youth’s own perspectives and engagement in their social worlds and in how these perspectives inform learning environments and can inform the design of education programmes and interventions. We are also committed to facilitating dialogue with practitioners and with educational programs.

The Research Centre for Learning and Digital Technologies has a strong tradition for engaging in projects with an interdisciplinary focus, and works across faculties, disciplines and institutions. The Centre for Learning and Digital Technologies is dedicated to the field of use of technology in teaching, learning, collaboration and communication, in educational as well as work and leisure related contexts. We hold expertise in user-centred design of ICT-based teaching and learning as well as design of materials for online and ICT-mediated teaching. In many projects, we work with a focus on both experimental and innovative approaches and with sustainable implementation.