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Institutional overview: the 2nd Elementary School of Kalamata


The 2nd Elementary School of Kalamata is a public school in the city of Kalamata, located in the Messinia district of the Peloponnese. 121 children (aged 6-12) are taught by 22 specialist teachers. The school has considerable experience, expertise and interest in children’s digital participation, wellbeing and online safety, demonstrated through involvement in national initiatives such as the ‘Laptop per child’ national project which involves upgrading of the use of digital tools in elementary schools (Greek schools are relatively under-resourced in this regard, European Commission, 2013). The school leads local, school-based and community initiatives to encourage community engagement in the social and emotional wellbeing of children. It has an active Parent-Teacher-Association (PTA) through which it organises seminars on children’s social and emotional wellbeing and online safety. The schools’approach to children’s digital participation is reinforced by a visiting educational psychologist who supports students