Copyright – Using somebody else’s intellectual property

You can’t copy or use copyright material – such as images, music, videos or text – without permission.

To use something protected by copyright you must either:

·       agree a licence with the owner to use it

·       buy or acquire the copyright

·       confirm that your intended use falls within the exceptions to copyright.

For more information please see the copyright section of

UON has its own collection of intellectual property for marketing purposes, which are taken for and created by UON. Contact the team for information. (Info provided by the University Marketing Team).

Using Creative Commons Materials

You can use Creative Commons content on your blog site, as long as you comply with the terms of the license under which the content is released. Creative Commons licenses allow creators to share their work with others while retaining some rights, and there are several types of Creative Commons licenses with different restrictions.

When using Creative Commons content, you should make sure to properly attribute the creator and follow any other terms specified in the license. You should also verify that the content you are using is actually licensed under a Creative Commons license, as not all content found online is licensed for free use.

It’s also a good idea to double-check the license terms for any specific restrictions, such as commercial use or modifications, before using the content. By following these guidelines, you can legally use Creative Commons content on your blog site and avoid any potential copyright infringement issues.

See here for more info on Creative Commons licenses 

Using AI generated images or text.

The University advises that if using Generated AI content in your work it must be must be undertaken in a manner which is ethical and transparent. See here for more info: