The Water Cycle by Shannon & Amy

What is it?

For our shared resource, myself and Amy decided to create a movie showing the different processes in the journey of the Water Cycle. It is an idea that we thought of using the I can Animate app which involves recording ourselves gradually moving our pre made pieces of paper which explains the different stages of the Water Cycle. We then simply saved and exported these recordings into IMovie which enabled us to create a short movie clip with audio playing over the top.


We believe our resource is aimed at Key Stage 2 children due to the terminology and content relating to the national curriculum in both science and geography, however our resource can be adapted to be suited to any age.


The idea of our resource was to produce an informative short movie on the water cycle. This resource can be used by the teacher to either introduce or refresh the topic. Or alternatively, pupils can create their own short movies as a means of independent study which can then be used by the teacher as a way of assessing pupil subject knowledge.


The process of creating the resource required a variety of skills to be demonstrated. Although the task can be set individually, the production process would work well as a group project enabling an array of skills to be shown, such as:

  • Creativity
  • Ability to understand apps being used (IMovie & I can Animate)
  • Editing
  • Planning
  • Communication
  • Subject Knowledge


– Create a short movie clip that will inform others about the stages of the Water Cycle.

– Produce a short movie clip as a form of revision on the Water Cycle.

– Continue the remaining stages of the Water Cycle after having had some steps already done for you.

Taking it further:

– Children can create a similar movie clip for an alternative topic.

– Children can use their voices within their videos to explain the different stages.

Curriculum Links:

Digital Literacy – Use of Ipads/ Apps.

Geography – Introducing the process of how rivers and streams are created.

Science – The Water Cycle topic.

Art – Being creative in demonstrating your subject knowledge.




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