WW1 PowToon

Subject: History

Key Stage: KS1 AND KS2

Hollie and I used PowToon to create an introduction to the First World War.

We decided that we would use PowToon to create an exciting introduction to WW1 that would engage the children. We used a Mission Impossible theme to excite the children as they could complete their own mission. Using Powtoon means the children can gain fun and excitement for the new topic they will be learning about, rather than just have the teacher introduce it by talking.

This PowToon could be used in KS1 or KS2 as it is only an introduction to the topic which can be easily changed. The investigating question can be changed for the age group to suit their ability and the topic that is being introduced.


I found that PowToon was really easy to use and has a variety of different themes to suit different topics and teaching styles. Both text and images can be added easily to the slides to suit what needs to be taught to the children. I would definitely use this in my future teaching as it allows the teaching to be fun and engaging but is simple and easy to create. Children could also use PowToon themselves to present their work.






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