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InfoI wanted to share a resource I have been looking into on my iPad as I think it could be really inspirational and useful in the classroom. It’s also adaptable for a range of ages and abilities when used appropriately in lessons and linked with other learning.

I have added images of some of the things I did with the ‘Free’ app and I have annotated some brief information to give an idea of what it allows you to do! There are a range of story types to choose from and children can also choose blank versions if they would prefer to be completely creative independently from the start.

it is simple and easy to use and inviting, allowing children to create their own profiles to save their books to even helping teachers assess what they have managed to create. I especially liked the family feature where books can be made as a group, it would be a good way of schools linking story making with home and encouraging families to participate in a simpler way!

My CreationI also especially liked it because of the appreciation of illustrations it can encourage. Children get to complete their own pages as they with and get the chance to become book illustrators and recognise what illustrations can do to a story.

There are some extras available for purchase but from looking at what is already available in my opinion they’re probably not necessary. That decision depends on the view of the user and you may think otherwise.

All in all a fun app for children, teachers and families to get involved with, a great way to explore the art of story making.

This link takes you to the app’s page on itunes, have a look ! – Scribble my Story

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