Storytelling with the Magic Red Car

This activity and resource is similar to the ‘Little People’ whereby children look at, and take pictures of, the Magic Red Car in different and interesting locations.

The Magic Red Car can be used as a resource for creative writing whereby children can take pictures of the car in interesting places around the school, local area or on trips. These pictures would then be used as a stimulus for writing whereby children can write about the adventures the Magic Red Car from one single photo.

This idea can also be used to help make a story journey or storyboard whereby children have taken a few photos of the Magic Red Car and place them in a random order. The children would then need to explain how and why this car got from one picture to another. Again, this activity would stimulate imagination and creativity.

Below are a few example images with captions that would get children to starting thinking about their story.


Teddy Bear’s World

Little Red Car

The Stone Man

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