Hugo and Charlotte’s Comic Strip

In our second session we made a comic strip. Our comic strip is the start of a story which focuses on a dinosaur and a dragon going on an adventure.

The purpose of our comic strip was to provide the children with example to develop their journey of thought. Through providing them with this scaffold, the children would then be able to develop their own stories through the information provided and their imaginations. This activity in particular aims to develop both their literacy and computing skills.

Comic strip could be used within KS1 but could be used as a tool for creative writing within KS2.

Review of app:

Comic Strip; I like this app as it can be used within any subject to provide a more visual and active learning experience. I believe children would find it easy to use and be able to apply their skills and knowledge to develop a range of resources using this app.

Here is Charlotte’s and my comic strip example 🙂



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