Conference Programme 2016

Please visit the links below for videos, slides and PDFs.

Refreshments (9:30)

Housekeeping, Welcome and Opening address (10am)

Session 1: Delivering blended learning (10:15-11:30)

What are the factors that encourage and inhibit student engagement in online activities, such as e-tivities? An URB@N project (Ivelina Bashliyska, Sylvie Lomer, Elizabeth Palmer and Laura Wood)

Application of gamification principles to enhance delivery of research methods principles within Podiatry (Anne Misselbrook, Rob Howe and Mike Curran)

How to be successful and then mess up… negotiating the world of blended learning (Kate Coulson)

— Break —

Session 2: Values and needs (12:00-12:40)

The App: Learning development, a mobile future (Kate Swinton)

Flipping NILE Guides: From task to tool in three steps (work in progress) (Iain Griffin)

Minute madness (12:40-1pm)

— Lunch (with poster judging) (1pm-2pm) —

Session 3: Parallel workshops (2pm-3pm)

Videos that make the lecturer a star (Rob Farmer, Paul Rice and Georgina Dimmock)

Recent Developments in Copyright Law and what they mean for you (Prof. Charles Oppenheim)

The First Year Experience Project; Exploring the needs of first year students at the University of Northampton (Grace Sykes, Karin Johnston and Lauren McAllister)

So, where is the library then? (Chris Powis)

All our futures: What is the role of LLS provision in developing transferable, graduate attribute skills? (Elizabeth Palmer, Lianne Davies and Sylvie Lomer)

Thinking of changing your Library Management System? (Georgina Dimmock, Heather McBryde-Wilding, Mike Aynsworth, Janet Milner, Chris Dale, Cleo Cameron and Kate Coulson)

— Break —

Session 4: Responding to change (3:20pm-4:15pm)

Supporting compliance with open access mandates: the O2OA project (Dr. Miggie Pickton)

[citation management needed]: a review of referencing software requirements and provision at Northampton (work in progress) (Nick Dimmock)

Radical transitions: staff perspectives of changing systems in the Academic Library (work in progress) (Dr. Cleo Cameron)

Wrap up and presentation of poster prizes (4:15pm)

Close (4:30pm)