2018 Conference: Presentations

Presentations from our 2018 conference are available in PDF format – click a thumbnail below to view.

Morning Plenary Session

Understanding the student digital experience

Rob Howe, Vicky Brown and Julie Usher


Evaluating the effectiveness of a quiz in an educational video

Paul Rice and Rob Farmer

Parallel Session 1

Digital value: some reflections on Resources Week at the University of Northampton

Joanne Farmer and Hannah Woods

Electronic Evidence & Expression: Evaluating the efficacy of and support for ePortfolio systems at UoN

Vicky Brown

Using Research to Grow a Service

Kate Coulson and Alison Loddick

Exploring staff digital competencies

Rob Howe and Jim Atkinson

Panel Discussion

Library and Learning Services Service Development

Lisa Anderson

Research Support in a small Learning and Teaching Focussed Institution!

Dawn Hibbert

Parallel Session 4

Enhancing the student experience through the use of NILE (Blackboard) templates – where is Wally?

Rob Howe

‘How can I help?’ What impact does our language have on student perception, understanding and the development of academic skills?

Sam Thomas

Evaluating online reading lists – the student experience

Cheryl Gardner and Gillian Siddall

Afternoon Plenary Session

Off the shelf: thesis digitisation in LLS

Nick Dimmock

UNPAC – Take 2

Kate Swinton

Implementing ERM: Electronic Resource Management or Extremely Riddlesome Matter?

Dr. Cleo Cameron