Application of gamification principles to enhance delivery of research methods principles within Podiatry

Anne Misselbrook, Rob Howe and Mike Curran

2016 conference


Download slides: PDF / Powerpoint

2016-2-Slide1This presentation will cover how game-design elements and principles (Huotari et al (2012) and Sebastian et al (2011)) have been used to enhance delivery of a Podiatry research methods module. Gamification has been used in a number of contexts to employ game based design elements (Enterprise Gamification Consulting (2015)) to enhance engagement with system users (Robson et al (2015)).

Improvements were initially made to navigation, text content and signposting on an existing research methods Blackboard module area. The site was then further enhanced through the use of regular knowledge checks which enabled the adaptive release of further content.

A focus group with students identified that they valued many elements of the revised content delivery such as simplified navigation, ability to recap on material and the use of humour. They identified improvements which could be made such as enhanced feedback, a change in the delivery of the prior lecture and enhancements to the quality of videos.

The presentation will note that attitudes to gamification can vary with certain context and individual differences as found by Koivisto et al (2015).


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