Out of this world


Using green screen techniques to film in unusual places.

Suitable for

All ages who can use a camera on a digital device.

What you need

A green screen, green wall, or green backing paper.

An iPad with the app GreenScreen DoInk or Touchcast.

iMovie or Moviemaker for editing.

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What you do

Explain that you can use the green screen to be anywhere in a virtual sense: back in time, as large as a giant or as small as an insect.  Use this idea to explore an environment from a different point of view by taking photos from unusual perspectives or researching the history of a place and using as the background for an interview or narration.

Learning Benefits

Participants gain experience of team working and of exploring an environment from different points of view. They use images to portray feelings and create a memorable video as a talking point to come back to.

Taking it Further

Edit the films in iMovie to add sound effects, music and transitions.

Create an iMovie Trailer using a movie genre. Explore different perspectives of an environment through different film templates such as romance or adventure that include graphics and theme music as a backdrop for your own video and photos.