Digital Art on Placement

Following the work I have been doing on digital art at university ,I was keen to bring my experience in to the classroom on placement so when my mentor asked me to organise making Mother’s Day cards I had the perfect opportunity  to do just this. Working with year 1 I decided to use just one app to introduce the children to digital image manipulation and I felt RollWorld  would be  a good choice as it is easy to use and most importantly , it creates fantastic images;I have yet to meet someone who doesn’t love using it!   The children created some art work which focused on shape and colour initially using felt tip pens, we the photographed their work and they manipulated it in RollWorld. The children loved the different effects they were able to achieve and were really proud of their very professional looking Mother’s Day cards which were produced. Most importantly , the mums  all loved their unique and unusual cards  and  we even managed to create a fantastic digital art work display to brighten up the class room.Many of the children enjoyed using the app so much that they went home and downloaded it on their own tablets so they could continue to experiment and create their own body of digital art.image image

2 thoughts on “Digital Art on Placement

  1. Hi Gemma, Thank you for your post. These are beautiful images. Fantastic that your children wanted to carry on making digital images at home. That is just what you want!

  2. Hi, this is a really great idea and great images.I would like to try this one day. It is great that your students went home and downloaded the app on their home tablets. I was introducing a new app to 1st class on my field study and their reaction to it was the same to go home and download the app to their home tablets. That is so nice to hear the students do that because then you know you have done something right and presented something that interests the students.

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