Exploring lights with Rowan Gate Primary

A group of BA Special Educational Needs went to Rowan Gate primary School in Northamptonshire for the afternoon to explore using Multi-Sensory equipment for children with SEN. The children used a range of applications to make and create images in relation to digital art. The children were able to share their experiences through technology using apps like Adobe Voice.

The children really enjoyed the activity and it was amazing to see how they all used the technology. The children were able to use the iPad’s extremely well and needed very little guidance in navigating around the technology and applications. The afternoon helped the children develop their skills in both ICT and Art and the afternoon brought these two subjects together in an enjoyable and fun way for the children.

We also had a class discussion at the end of the session and shared the images that the children created. The children were all really proud of what they created and it was really nice to see them share there experience with their peers.

Overall, using technology like the iPads to create images can be really effective within the classroom. Using the Multi-Sensory equipment allowed the children to create images that they found interesting and enriched the experience for the children.

Jack Gilbert

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