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As I not sure what time of the day it is when you are reading this I think I will try to cover both bases. So good morning to you early risers and good evening to you people who are just finishing a long and tiring day. Firstly I would like to offer my apologies for the delay in actually posting my first blog, but dont worry there will be more to follow, let us just help that you enjoy this blog and come back for more.

Now that I have apologised I feel that I need to introduce myself, my name is Dom Olney and I am the team leader of the Northampton University Digital Leaders (DL’s). I feel that I should only give you the short introduction as hopefully you will get to know me throughout the year via this blog. I wanted to show a small example of what we as DL’s are trying to do in schools, so the rest of this post will be dedicated to what myself and one of my fellow students managed to accomplish in our first placement.


  • Oakfield Primary Academy (Year 6)
  • Subject – English, topic- Macbeth.


  • Green screen by Do Ink (do to the wonders of technology app is available through the link)
  • Physical green screen (if not available any colored wall is OK to use)
  • iPad
  • Magisto (Simple app for creating final montage)

OK, now that I have listed what we used for this lesson I will begin to take you through the lesson.

The idea for the lesson was  to build on previous lessons that pupils had been taught about Macbeth. We used a specific scene in the play to get the children hooked and set up the lesson. To begin the lesson myself and Jack had created a simple news report video using green screen. This was used during our lesson intro to explain what we wanted the children to do. By using the video you see below (please don’t laugh too hard at the acting) we were able to give the children a sneak peak of what was going to happen.

Now we had the children hooked, we explained that they were going to be creating answers to questions from a news reporter. This was to be done from the perspective of individual characters. The characters used were; Macbeth; Lady Macbeth; Banqou; King Duncan’s Sons and finally the witches. Once this had been done, the children were then going to have to act these answers out in front of the green screen.  All of the children were extremely excited about this opportunity. Here is the final result:

Here is one of the interviews the whole way through:

Well that is it for my first post. If you have any questions please let me know and I will do my best to answer them.

Hopefully see you again for the next blog.

Thank you and good bye.


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