Pic collage: Art, PE and IT outdoors


Northampton University School Direct students explored learning outdoors by linking Art, PE and ICT in a cross curricular way.

The activities the students explored included:

1) Collecting string worms through PE. Scatter lengths of sting, collect them in teams and encourage children to learn about warm ups, movement, speed and agility. Link to maths through measuring the longest/shortest worm using non standard units of measure, explore estimation or get those rulers out. Create artwork, observe the environment and use the worms or other found materials to create a drawing of an object in the locality- explore form, line and shape.

2) Create relays to collect items to build a natural dinosaur trap or nest. Explore your construction techniques- weaving, layering, knotting and tying materials together. Use your physical skills or problem solving to race for materials and problem solve through construction. Document this using ICT, collect specific tones of colours, explore a collection of textures or document the dinosaurs movements all using pic collage.

Through these creative encounters imagine the applied learning taking place….


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