Digital Scavenger Hunt


Designing a scavenger hunt for a team to collect images around an environment.

This activity is based on an original idea from Ed Tech Workshop.

Suitable for

All ages who can read and write simple questions and use an iPad camera.

What you need

What you do

Explain to the groups that you are going to create scavenger hunts for each other and that the idea is to do some finding out and exploring. The first job is to explore the environment and think about what items to include in the scavenger hunt.  Encourage groups to choose a theme and to be creative in their ideas. They are going to use iPads to collect photos of things they find and then arrange them according to themes such as colours, natural objects, shapes or signs.

The next step is to plan a hunt list for another group.  For example ‘Can you find…something green, something smooth, interesting, red, old, circular, alive etc’.  They create a template in Pic Collage. Groups then swap scavenger hunts and aim to add photos of the objects they find.

They import these into PicCollage and arrange and annotate on the page. There are options to add borders, to clip elements from photos, to edit photos for effects, brightness, sharpness and colours, and to annotate by drawing over photos.  Text, stickers and backgrounds can be added to the page.

 Learning Benefits

Participants gain experience of group working and of documenting their exploration of a place. They practise photo manipulation skills and think about page layout options.

Images are from the Ed Tech Workshop blog.

Taking it Further

Additional challenges can be based on using the photo editing tools to produce a pleasing poster of images. Groups might collect sounds to upload to Padlet using Audioboo, or Croak.It, or to VoiceThread in response to a set of questions based on sound in the environment.

One thought on “Digital Scavenger Hunt

  1. Hi 🙂 They can learn more from scavanger hunt 🙂
    I used scavanger hunt once. I used it with kids that had other mother language than icelandic. They had all moved to Iceland less than 6 months ago so i thought scavanger hunt would be useful and fun for them to learn more about the closest environment.
    The ,,game” started at their school and than they went around. They had to solve problems in every area, and to solve it they had to speak icelandic. That is often hard for those kids at first.
    For example they had to go to the swimming pool and solve a game, matching cards. I had printed out a picture of stuff you use in the swimming pool and then written the name of the item on a paper. They had to match it right.
    Then they had to go to the front desk and ask questions like ,,how much do those swimming glasses cost?”

    They also had to go to the bakary, the schools office and downtown.

    The kids liked the game a lot and told me they learnd a lot from it.

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