iMovie – News report on Germs!!

To combine with our previous resources of washing hands, we decided to make a iMovie using little people based on germs. On iMovie we used the theme of a news report so children could use the little people as news reporters on germs, this places it into context for them.

The little people ventured different areas of the university to explain about germs, children would find this fun and exciting and it places them in different learning situations (real world situations).

I would say the activity of using iMovie would make this more suitable for KS2, however this would depend on the experience of the children in the class with iMovie and iPads as a experienced KS1 could achieve this too.

This activity is cross curricular with science, having knowledge about germs, and English, being able to use persuasive, formal language in a news report style so can draw together many areas.

This activity was fun to complete, and I know children would enjoy doing this too!

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