Books to support E-Safety

 After a discussion with a local nursery teacher  on the importance of E-Safety in today’s ever changing technological world she informed me of two books which can assist children’s knowledge and understanding of E-Safety DigiDuck’s Big Decision and The Adventures of Smartie The Penguin.  The links given above take you straight to online versions of the two books designed to help children with knowledge and understanding of E-Safety. images[10] (2)

Overview –

DigiDuck’s Big Decision – Digi Duck is thinking of sending a silly picture of one of his friends to his other friends, a wise owl comes along and helps Digi to make the right decision about what he should do. In the back of the book there is guide for Parents/Carers on children using computers at home.

The Adventures of Smartie The Penguin – The little Penguin gets  a laptop for his birthday, something goes wrong and he doesn’t know what to do. DaddyimagesD8K8CTX2 Penguin praises the little Penguin for asking for help and teachers him a song to remind him what’s best to do when something goes wrong on the laptop. The book is useful as it asks children questions throughout the book, what would they do? This probes questions so each individual thinks about what themselves in the situation.

By Tess Ford

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