Education and SEN

Here is some of the information and resources I found with regards to special education needs, these resources could be used with any group or ability children which is really useful.

A very simple program to use that would allow for children to begin to explain how they feel is Smyface. With this online program the children can use a slider bar to give an expression to the face on screen, the program has many different expressions available, which is useful and allows children to find the feeling that represents how they feel.feeling

At the bottom of the screen there is then a box allowing children to add words to the face if possible or they could be assisted to do this.

Another tool that can be very beneficial to SEN and EAL children is Clicker6. this simple program boasts a wealth of media to allow children to learn and communicate. The program is very simple and allows for a variety of activities to be created.


Using this program I created a simple matching game with colours, the same process can be followed and the use of any of the pictures already in the system or you can add your own.

matching matching2

Clicker6 is a very good and useful program, using the same software i was able to begin a page that would allow a child to tell a story. Beneficial for all children not just those with SEN or EAL. In this example I made a page containing dinosaurs which would be used to create a story.

Clicker6 2

This can be used in many ways allowing many activities to become fully inclusive to all children as so simple to use for both teachers and children.

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