The Nativity Comic Book

The Nativity Comic Book


Creating scenes of The Nativity

Suitable for

Key Stage 1 and/or 2

What you need

What you do

After splitting The Nativity into six main parts, each table is given a different part of the event and has to take photos of their peers in the appropriate scenes. Each table has its own iPad and will use the Strip Design app to make the scene which, their table has been given. Take photos of the different parts of each scene and import them into Strip Design and choose a template. Use the speech bubbles to give a dialogue to the scene.

Learning Benefits

  • Working in groups – organisation and co-operation
  • ICT skills – iPad, camera, Strip Design app
  • Literacy – Use of vocabulary in speech bubbles. Understanding the layout and language of comic strips.
  • Knowledge – Understanding The Nativity and its scenes

Taking it further

Can be used in cross-curricular activities as the use of ICT can incorporate with the main theme of the lesson, in this case R.E, or in other cases, English, History and Geography for example.

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on “The Nativity Comic Book
One Comment on “The Nativity Comic Book
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